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What is Wings Pay?

It is the first payment gateway that connects purchases and sales with the whole world, including digital money (crypto). With this payment platform, you can access from anywhere, since our operation is 100% online - 24 hours a day. No barriers, no restrictions!

It incorporates all means of payments such as (credit cards, debit cards and digital currencies) in the same platform, ensuring that all commercial transactions are carried out safely and quickly.

Wings Pay will facilitate the way to buy and sell. All you need is to just login and register your data to start enjoying a platform that allows you to use money or digital currency.

How are we different?

Wings Mobile understood the need to provide a real, easy and fast use to the crypto market and its millions of users. That’s why, we have designed Wings Pay, an intelligent platform that integrates users and merchants from anywhere in the world across virtual transactions..

Wings Pay allows you to carry out commercial transactions using digital currencies without the need to carry out the Exchange process.

We know that the crypto market has no geographical barriers or consumer limits, the creation of tokens grows almost daily around the world and we are sure that it will not stop!